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About us

LLC "ZAVOD TEHMASH" is a modern, high-tech manufacturing company that produces equipment for the treatment and pumping of sewage wastewater

  • Sewage treatment plant for the Treatment of Household and Domestic Wastewater (VOC); Sewage pumping stations (SPS);
  • To date, ZAVOD TEHMASH LLC successfully operates in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is the largest supplier of Locally Wastewater Treatment Plants (VOC) and Sewage Pumping Stations designed for lifting and pumping utility and household (SPS).

Equipment manufactured by ZAVOD TEHMASH LLC is used in the oil and gas, chemical and metallurgical industries, utilities and agriculture, as well as in other sectors of the economy.

The company carries out scientific and technical cooperation with many design organizations and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Assuming obligations for the production of quality products, ZAVOD TEHMASH LLC will also fulfill all the necessary conditions for its certification, standardization, as well as its regulatory documentation.

Our Company assumes responsibility for solving complex and non-standard issues related to the development, production, installation and warranty service of the manufactured equipment.


Local treatment facilities (VOC)

Local treatment facilities (LOS) - designed for biological treatment of domestic wastewater in the absence of a centralized sewerage system. Wastewater supply type - pressure or gravity.

Sewage pumping stations (SPS)

Sewage pumping stations (SPS) are designed for lifting and pumping household and industrial wastewaters close to them in composition, at facilities where it is impossible to drain the wastewater by gravity.

Individual treatment plant for home and summer cottages

Individual Treatment Plant with a capacity of 1m3 / day, VOC-1 is designed for the treatment and pumping of domestic wastewater. The capacity of the block consists of seven compartments, in which the decomposition of organic compounds of wastewater takes place.

Sodium Hypochlorite Production Plant

Plant Tekhmash LLC offers an installation for the treatment of municipal wastewater and drinking water. One of the safest, most economical and ecological methods is sodium hypochlorite disinfection.

Air receiver for compressed air (Receiver)

They are used in pneumatic systems at enterprises and technological lines for accumulation. They contribute to the uninterrupted flow of product in the event of downtime or when consumption exceeds the capacity of the compressor.

Heat exchangers (Water-to-water heaters)

The device works quite simply and clearly: the heated water is supplied through the pipes, and the heating steam enters the space between the pipes through the branch pipe located at the top.




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Guaranteed service - 12 months
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